Venice (Italian: Venezia, IPA: [veˈnεttsia], Venetian: Venesia) is a city in northern Italy, the capital of the region Veneto, with a population of 271,367 (census estimate 1 January 2004). Together with Padua, the city is included in the Padua-Venice Metropolitan Area (population 1,600,000). The city historically was the capital of an independent nation. Venice has been known as the "La Dominante", "Serenissima", "Queen of the Adriatic", "City of Water", "City of Bridges" and "City of Canals". Luigi Barzini, writing in The New York Times, described it as "undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man". Venice has also been described by the Times Online as being one of Europe's most romantic cities.

Venetian cuisine is obviously characterized by fish, but not only: the products of the gardens of the islands, the mainland rice, game, fishing in the northern Adriatic and polenta. Venice combines local traditions with influences that are distant from millennial business contacts. The sardines in saor, sardines marinated in a position to preserve the long march, I, Risi e bisi, the Venetian liver, black risotto with cuttlefish, Cicchetti refined and delicious tidbits, appetizers, or enjoy all day with a glass of prosecco.

Not only that Venice is famous for Anguilla (in Venetian Bisato) marinated for cookies called Baicoli (English: golden oval), and for different types of sweets such as pan of the fisherman, "with almonds and pistachio nuts, cream, or fried Venetian island of Burano bussolai (butter biscuits and shortbread made to "Y" or ring), the crostoli also known as the talk, or lies, Galani or the Fregolotta (a crumbly cake with almonds), milk pudding called Rosada, and semolina biscuits called yellow zaleti.

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