The Kitchen is seen in most episodes. Seasons 1-4, it was shot in a real home in the Atlanta area but the house did not belong to Alton. Seasons 5 & 6, they purchased a real house, also in the Atlanta area, solely for use for the show. The kitchen was retrofitted and remodeled to accommodate a video crew, lights, etc. for video taping. It belonged to the two producers of the show, Dana Popoff and Marion Laney.

Season 7 & 8, due to pressures from the neighbors of the home where the crew was taping, they resigned themselves to moving into a video facility. They moved to a facility in the Atlanta area and replicated the kitchen from the real house. The end of the living room and the outside scenery are all fake. They are photographs, blown up to 1:1 scale and hung from the ceiling. They are, however, actual pictures of the original home's fireplace, couch and outside view. All of the appliances in the kitchen are real, However, the only things that work in the kitchen are the stove top and the sink. Everything else is non-functional (ex: microwave, ovens, fridge, etc.).

Season 9, Be Squared Productions eventually purchased their own production and test-kitchen facility and moved the kitchen set there.


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