The best steaks come from the middle back of a steer. The average American eats 11 steaks a year. Steak comes from "Steik", the Saxon word for meat on a stick. The best taste is from lean steaks, like a sirloin. The juciest steak is the rib eye, because it has more fat and marbling. 14 of the 300 cuts of beef are steaks. A good steak should have a bright color, appear moist, be cut even, and have no odor.

The sirloin primal contains the short loin, the porterhouse, the strip steak, and the tenderloin. The porterhouse is a filet and a strip steak together. The strip steak is the top part of the t-bone. The rib primal has the rib eye and the prime rib. A cooked steak should rest before it is cut into so the juices don't run out.




Dish typesEdit


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