Since we're going to be finishing our steak in a 500° oven, there's no reason not to chuck the pan in and give him a head start. Just a little ground pepper and a little kosher salt.

We have plucked our pan from the 500° oven but it's still not hot enough. So I'm going to put it over high heat and leave it there for at least another 5 minutes. We're going to use a good bit of kosher salt. Let have some on both sides. A couple turns of black pepper.

Now, we want to lube up the meat a little bit with some oil. It only takes a few drops then just kind of toss it around on the plate a bit just to give the meat a nice glisten. Now, into the pan. Do not touch this for 30 seconds. We never could use butter or expensive extra-virgin olive oil for this because it burns really easily. A little higher up the scale you get corn and canola which are okay, but up at the top of the scale are oils like peanut oil and safflower oil and they are perfect for high heat cooking like searing and sautéing.

It's been 30 seconds so I'm going to go ahead and flip this over. Leave it for another 30 seconds. It's been another 30 seconds and we've got a really great crust on both sides. But the inside of the meat is still not done. Move the whole thing into the oven, right into the 500° oven. Now, I'm going to leave that in there for 2 minutes and then I'm going to flip it and let it finish for another 2.

So, 4 minutes is up and our steak is done. Okay at 137°. That's great. Pretty much medium rare. Feel it. Now, see there's some resilience there but it's still really soft. That's medium rare. Now, if you were to poke into it or cut it at this point, the heat would just push the juices out onto the plate. I like to use a little plate. Just scoot it right under the meat so that those juices can drain away. Take just a little bit of aluminum foil and lightly cover it. Leave it alone for 3 minutes and I promise you will be rewarded.



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