Modern cuisine of Hawaii is a fusion of many cuisines brought by multiethnic immigrants to the Hawaiian Islands, particularly of American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Polynesian and Portuguese origins, including plant and animal food sources imported from around the world for agricultural use in Hawaii. Many local restaurants serve the ubiquitous plate lunch featuring the Asian staple, two scoops of steamed white rice, a version of American mayonnaise-based macaroni salad or Japanese mayonnaise-based potato salad (or a combination of both) Korean kimchee or other Korean vegetable or Japanese pickled seaweed, and one to three choices of main entrees ranging from the hamburger steak and gravy, Chinese charsiu chicken, Chinese cold ginger chicken, Japanese style tonkatsu or torikatsu, Filipino pork, chicken or fish adobo, Filipino lumpia, Korean chapchae, Filipino pansit, Korean beef short ribs, Korean and Japanese-style BBQ beef and chicken, grilled Ahi, Korean meat jun, or traditional Hawaiian lu'au favorites, kalua pig, lomi salmon, laulau, and poi.

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