Art of DarknessEdit

  1. Art of Darkness
  2. Art of Darkness II
  3. Art of Darkness III

American ClassicsEdit

  1. American Classics I
  2. Apple of My Pie
  3. American Classics III
  4. American Classics 4
  5. American Classics 5
  6. Raising the Bar Again
  7. American Classics 7
  8. American Classics 8
  9. American Classics 9

Crustacean NationEdit

  1. Crustacean Nation
  2. Crustacean Nation II: Claws
  3. Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby
  4. Crustacean Nation 4

'Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby' and 'Crustacean Nation 4' are also a part of The Food Gallery.

Churn Baby ChurnEdit

  1. Churn Baby Churn
  2. Churn Baby Churn II

The Egg-Files Edit

  1. The Egg-Files
  2. Man with a Flan
  3. Let Them Eat Foam
  4. Mayo Clinic
  5. Egg Files V: Quantum Foam
  6. Egg Files VI: French Flop
  7. Egg Files 7

Flat is BeautifulEdit

  1. Flat is Beautiful
  2. Flat is Beautiful II
  3. Flat is Beautiful III
  4. Going Crackers
  5. Flat is Beautiful V

'Flat is Beautiful III' is also a part of The Food Gallery.

The Food GalleryEdit

  1. Head Games
  2. The Trouble With Cheesecake
  3. The Choke's On You
  4. Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby
  5. Puddin' Head Blues
  6. Flat is Beautiful III
  7. Cubing A Round
  8. If It Ain't Broccoli, Don't Fix It
  9. Switched-On Baklava
  10. Crustacean Nation 4

For Whom The Cheese MeltsEdit

  1. For Whom The Cheese Melts
  2. Use Your Noodle II (For Whom The Cheese Melts 2)

Fry HardEdit

  1. Fry Hard
  2. Fry Hard II: The Chicken
  3. Fry Turkey Fry
  4. Tempura

'Tempura' is actually the fourth Fry Hard.

Man Food Edit

  1. The Man Food Show
  2. Man Food II

Oat CuisineEdit

  1. Oat Cuisine
  2. Oat Cuisine II

Pantry RaidEdit

  1. Pantry Raid I: "Use your noodle"
  2. Pantry Raid II: Seeing Red
  3. Pantry Raid III: Cool Beans
  4. Pantry Raid IV: Comb Alone
  5. Good Wine Gone Bad
  6. Pantry Raid VI: Lentils
  7. Tuna, Surprise!
  8. Pantry Raid X: Dark Side Of The Cane
  9. Pantry Raid XII: Turning Japanese
  10. Pantry Raid Thirteen: Destination Chickpea

There is no "Pantry Raid XI".


  1. Q
  2. Right On Q

Raising the BarEdit

  1. Raising The Bar
  2. Raising the Bar Again

'Raising the Bar Again' is also a part of American Classics.

Shell GameEdit

  1. Mussel Bound
  2. Send In The Clams
  3. Shell Game
  4. Shell Game IV

The episode titled "Shell Game" is actually the third Shell Game.

This Spud's for You Edit

  1. This Spud's for You
  2. This Spud's For You Too

Squash CourtEdit

  1. Squash Court
  2. Squash Court II

Squid Pro QuoEdit

  1. Squid Pro Quo
  2. Squid Pro Quo II

Tender is the Loin Edit

  1. Tender is the Loin I
  2. Tender is the Loin II
  3. Tender is the Pork


  1. Tort(illa) Reform
  2. Tortillas Again

True BrewEdit

  1. True Brew
  2. True Brew II
  3. Amber Waves
  4. True Brew IV: Take Stock

Undercover VeggiesEdit

  1. Undercover Veggies I

Urban PreservationEdit

  1. Urban Preservation: Part 1
  2. Urban Preservation II

Use Your NoodleEdit

  1. Pantry Raid I: "Use your noodle"
  2. Use Your Noodle II
  3. Use Your Noodle 4
  4. Use Your Noodle 5

In error, there are two episodes named "Use Your Noodle II". The first one is not officialy a part of the Use Your Noodle series. Its intended title is "For Whom The Cheese Melts 2". There is currently no "Use Your Noodle III".

Water WorksEdit

  1. Water Works I
  2. Water Works II

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