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Fry Hard
"Fry Hard"


Good Eats








Chips and Fish

Production Number



May 10, 2000

Episode Chronology


"A Grind is a Terrible Thing to Waste"


"Urban Preservation: Part 1"

Related Titles


"Fry Hard II: The Chicken"

Fry is not a dirty word. Alton wants to show that proper know-how allows everyone to make healthy, delicious and safe fried foods.


Facts Edit

  • "ABC" class fire extinguishers put out fires involving grease or oil, electricity and standard combustibles such as fabric, paper and wood.
  • Never re-use any frying oil that has been heated beyond 400°.
  • Fryer bound foods should be free of excess surface moisture.
  • The "French" in "French Fry" refers not to the country of origin, but to the cut of the potatoes which are "frenched."
  • 1864: The first Fish & Chip shop opens in London. Within a decade, there will be over a thousand.


Shirley O. Corriher ... Food Scientist (Herself)
Merrilyn Crouch ... Marsha
Vickie Eng ... W

Ingredients Edit

Oil, Safflower oil, Palm oil, Olive oil, Walnut oil, Almond oil, Hazelnut oil, Canola oil, Peanut oil, Soybean oil, Grapeseed oil, Sunflower oil; Potato, Russet potato; Salt, Kosher salt; Flour, All-purpose flour; Baking powder; Cayenne pepper; Old Bay; Fish, Whitefish, Haddock, Tilapia, Pollock, Cod, Shad, Grouper, Mackerel, Salmon, Bluefish, Tuna; Lard; Butter; Popcorn; Shortening; Club soda; Water; Milk; Beer; Egg, Eggwhites, Egg yolk; Cornstarch; Vinegar, Malt vinegar; Tallow

Dishes Edit

French fries; Fried fish


Deep fryer; Toaster oven; Dutch oven; Thermometer (Fry); Fire extinguisher; Paper towel; Sheet pan (Cake rack); Strainer (Spider/Wire/Salad); Tongs; Knife; Mandoline; Salad spinner; Newsprint; Parchment paper; Beaker; Stove; Towel; Container; Refrigerator; Bowl (Stainless-steel/Glass); Measuring cup; Measuring spoon; Salt container; Whisk; Tray; Sink; Oven; Spritzer

Techniques Edit

Frying; Blanching; Drying; Julienning; Dredging

Terminology Edit

Batter; Seafood; White fish; Meat; Baked goods; Seasoning; Spice; Peel

Science Edit

Energy; Fat; Surface area; Absorption; Triglyceride; Glycerol; Alcohol; Fatty acids; Hydrogen; Saturation; Shelf life; Covalent bond; Manufacturing; Monounsaturated fat; Molecule; Shelf stable; Polyunsaturated fat; Smoke point; Oil; Iron oxide; Acid; Steam; Grease; Electricity; Combustibility; Fabric; Paper; Wood; Boiling point; Leavening; Bubbles; Tablespoon (measurement); Liquid; Starch; Vessel; Degree; Teaspoon (measurement); Cup (measurement)




Asia; France; 1864; Fish & chip shop; London; England

Visual Aids Edit

Fat train; The Box; Oil change


Title Origin Edit

"Die Hard" - Movie Series

Trivia Edit


  • "Fry Hard". Good Eats. May 10, 2000. No. 9, season 2.

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