Chicken has the scientific name of Gallus Domesticus. Evolved from the dinosaurs, the chicken is 4 to 5,000 years old. Chickens are members of the pheasant family, with 7 billion worldwide. Everyone not living in the city or a family farm kept a chicken. They were slow growing and valued for their eggs. After World War II, farms consolidated into vertically integrated conglomerates. Birds grown on commercial farms have room to walk around inside of buildings. Today's chicken now grows twice as big, twice as fast, and at half the cost. It is fully grown in a week. Only chicken used to taste like chicken. Today's chicken is meatier, juicier, more tender and more consistent.

It's against the law to give chickens steroids or hormones. Chickens are at the height of growth. It was decided that U.S. consumers prefer yellow chicken, so marigold petals are added to the feed. Chicken is less acidic than red meat and has an high PH perfect for microbe growth. You should wash your hands and everything you used with hot soapy water after cutting chicken. You will be sick for a week if you eat cross contaminated food.

A roast chicken should taste like itself and not be over seasoned. Broiling is the best way to cook one because it lays flat and cooks fast and hot, producing brown skin and juicy meat. A done chicken has clear juices and a breast temperature of 167°F. To butterfly a chicken, turn the chicken backside and using kitchen shears, cut the ribs down both sides of the backbone and remove it. Remove the keel bone separating both sides of the breast. Cut through the membrane and crack open the breast bone so it will lay flat. Leg quarters will separate easily. Thin sliced breast looks good on a plate.


A Bird In The Pan


Broiled, Butterflied Chicken

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